Getting high quality medical service is an inherent right for any human being, and this service includes not only the right of treatment, but also the right to receive comprehensive attention from accurate hearing; full understanding; a simple and understandable explanation of the disease and its causes, taking in consideration the patient’s beliefs; Customs, traditions and social circumstances.


Being in more than one place with longer working hours to suit all patients.

We provide sufficient time for each patient to listen carefully to his complaint and to answer all his questions and concerns, giving him full answers and a simple explanation.

We are working on a plan to get the full diagnosis of the cases through requesting the most accurate tests.

We describe the final treatment plan with the reasons for selecting it and clarify all other therapeutic alternatives in full transparency, considering the patient's social habits and conditions.

We use the latest models of guidance and awareness of patients issued by specialized international institutions

We are always following up with patients through the stages of diagnosis and treatment.

We are working to increase the awareness and medical culture of all our patients.