Expertise and Services Offered

We offer services for the diagnosis and management of disorders of the urinary tract in both males and females, as well as the male reproductive system

We have the knowledge and the experience to evaluate the function of these structures, the conditions that can affect them and the medical and surgical tools including minimally invasive procedure to treat the diseases of these organs in order to improve patient’s quality of life


Expert in endoscopic procedures including flexible endoscopies, and use of laser

Stones Management

We are highly trained to offer our patients the best treatment option according to their medical conditions. Access to extracorporeal shock wave (ESWL) therapy, endoscopic, and laser stone management are all available

Prostate care and treatment

We have an excellent experience in the management of prostate problems including inflammation and benign enlargement. This includes medical, surgical and minimally invasive procedures especially prostate vaporization and laser treatments

Men's Health

We have experience in the management of sexual disorders, male infertility, erectile dysfunction, prosthetic surgeries, and male hormonal dysfunction

Female urology

We can help ladies overcome the frustrating symptoms of urinary incontinence and over active bladder resulting from an inflammatory, functional or anatomical problem; this includes use of medications, Botox injection, and prosthetic devices

Management of Urological Malignancies

We follow the latest international guidelines in the diagnosis and management of genitourinary cancer; this includes screening programs and early detection campaign. We have a very special experience in organ preserving management of urological malignancies. We work in collaboration with eminent medical oncologists and radiotherapists

Pediatric urology

We help families understand the physiology of their child urological problem including congenital disorders, bladder and bed wetting conditions. We provide different treatment strategies, and educational guidance along treatment journey